What is an API?

API refers to Application Program Interface, a code that gives two separate software programs the ability to communicate and interact with one another. Our API application is an excellent tool that enables you to better serve your customers, creating greater communication efforts and seamless correspondence between software.

How Does an API Work?

API's are incredibly popular because they are inherently efficient. API's make it possible to develop services that are readily available and re-purposed across different platforms. While traditional software development is a slow process, today’s rapidly changing business environment requires speed and adaptability, which is the most significant benefit of API’s.

API's are comprised of two distinct, related, yet separate elements. One part includes a specification which describes how information gets exchanged by the two programs, which is done by requesting the processing and return of data. The other part is a software interface that gets written in accordance to the first specification, and then gets published for usage.

The software involved in accessing features and capabilities of the API does what is known as “calling” it, while the software that is responsible for creating the API “publishes” it.

Application Program Interface Feature

Our API has all the features you need to build the necessary operations that integrate our services with your business. Our API provides numerous operations that can be integrated with any operating environment to provide our corporate customers with a simple interface to our network. This enables them to easily implement any of the standard operations listed below:

  • Create or remove notifications of a specific event
  • Get the list of countries and cities where Local or Toll Free numbers are available
  • Use the Local or Toll Free number API to check for countries that are currently available
  • Purchase new Local or Toll Free numbers
  • Use the call forwarding API to get your order status
  • Get lists of all call forwarding services ordered
  • Get lists of call detail records (CDRs) for a given service line over a given period of time
  • See the status, description, and settings given to each account
  • Update and modify various parameters
  • Check available call forwarding line(s) balance(s)
  • Recharge or move funds on a service line
  • Initiate a callback and check its status
  • Upload required documents
  • Download call recordings

How do we Get and Setup Global Call Forwarding’s API with our Virtual Number?

The API is included with the purchase of virtual numbers, so there is no additional cost to integrate it. However, in order to set it up, you will need to contact your account manager, who will guide you through the process coordinating it according to your needs.

The API also brings a wide range of customization possibilities. In addition to the standard operations listed above, it can be customized upon request to meet the customer’s specific needs.

API's enable incredible functionality. They foster the ability to use existing resources to deliver new services across platforms, media, and applications. They can be used to provide monitoring services or as a point of control for a network’s usage. They offer the ability to provide an array of data while ensuring efficiency within the operation, and monitoring for errors.

Benefits for Businesses

API's offer endless benefits for businesses and combined with your call forwarding service, provide a wide selection of options from which to choose to better serve your customers and to offer greater efficiency in your overall communication efforts. API's divide software into reusable aspects, which connects them to handle demands more smoothly.

API's have become increasingly popular in recent years, with all of the developments in technology that have been made available due to the contributions of cloud computing and the many available offerings of the internet. The overall quality of software has been greatly improved as a result of API's thanks to many innovations over the past decade. Web services have become more efficient and versatile as a result of API's, and web services have been greatly influenced by cloud-specific applications, mobile apps, and the broad scope of the internet of things (IoT).

API's enable telecommunication to become more agile and more efficient while offering their customers greater usage benefits. API's enable simplification across services which adds value for the customer and efficiency for the company.

Because modern businesses are more competitive than ever, it is essential to develop innovative ways of offering services and satisfying the demand from customers. API's are highly beneficial in this regard because they offer innovative solutions for services while simplifying the process and reducing costs in regards to development.

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