Simultaneous Ringing

What is Simultaneous Ringing?

Simultaneous ringing enables a number of different phones to ring at once when a call comes in. Once the call gets answered, the ringing will stop on the rest of the phone lines. Simultaneous ringing is an irreplaceable tool for business as it enables you to take calls from any of your designated lines, and it can help your staff avoid missing any inbound calls.

How Does Simultaneous Ringing Work?

Simultaneous ringing is typically set up to ring all designated phones at the same time. Typically, the user’s office phone and cell phone will ring simultaneously. However, the needs are different from one company/ individual to the next and incoming calls can be routed to certain employees, a receptionist, or another manager for screening, if needed. Additionally, calls can be set to ring at computers and tablets, enabling further options if necessary.

Advantages of Simultaneous Ringing:

  • Calls are automatically forwarded to every line you designate
  • Automatic handling of calls at all times, allowing you to retain greater mobility and flexibility without missing important calls
  • Enable your entire team to handle calls as they come in so schedules and time-frames are accommodated

Essential for Businesses

For businesses of every level, from startups to small businesses to growing larger companies and enterprise corporations, communication is everything and an absolutely vital aspect of ensuring your business is easy to connect with. Missing important business calls can negatively affect a business’s profitability. Whether it’s sales calls, B2B connections, or customer inquiries, having a constant and reliable line of communication is essential.

For many companies, having an option that assists with ensuring someone is always able to take a call is a necessity and with the many digital services that are now available through virtual calling, business communications have never been more easily managed. One such service that accomplishes this is simultaneous ringing.

Simultaneous ringing is valuable for businesses and has several different uses as a feature. It is very effective in call centers and can maximize the utility of your toll free number. Simultaneous ringing allows you to forward calls from your toll free number to two or more phone numbers. This is an included advanced feature with your toll free number from USA Call Forwarding. All enabled phones will ring at the same time, but the call will only connect to the first person that picks up the phone.

Enabling with a Toll Free Number

The most common use for simultaneous ringing is to have the user’s mobile phone and desk extension ring simultaneously. This allows users to take calls while they are away from the office and ensures that your business will never miss out on another potential sales call. Whenever a caller dials your toll free number, all selected numbers (multiple cell phones, landline, etc.) will ring simultaneously and you can immediately answer the call from any phone. A representative will always be able to hear the phones ring.

Another common use is to have your VoIP number ring at the same time as your cell and office phone. This will make your business more versatile and enables you to answers calls from any location. Simultaneous ring has configurations that add value to a variety of scenarios. This included feature can be configured to work along with the rest of our advanced features and allows you to customize your local or toll free number to meet the specific needs of your business.

Simultaneous ringing is an extremely useful addition to your numbers. It ensures that your incoming calls are going to be answered, as calls can reach you or your staff at every available line. Calls can be configured to your office lines, employee lines, your home line, and mobile phones to ensure they aren’t missed. Because each call will ring all of the designated numbers as they come in, it’s almost guaranteed one of the available lines will be picked up, ensuring the call is handled promptly.

How to can I Get and Setup Simultaneous Ringing with my Virtual Number?

Simultaneous ringing is a feature included in services from USA Call Forwarding when you purchase a phone number. You can simply set this up online through your account management Control Panel.  You can precisely tailor the feature to your needs.

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