Get a Wisconsin Virtual Phone Number

Wisconsin Virtual Phone Number

If you are located outside the United States have customers, affiliates, business partners or vendors in Wisconsin, you can now provide them with a local U.S. phone number that will ring directly to your fixed land line, mobile phone, PBX wherever in the world that you may be located.  Your calls can also be diverted to a VoIP/SIP address. Your “ring to” number (the number on which you receive your calls from the U.S.) can be modified at any time via online account management. You can change it to another number - anywhere in the world - whenever you please.

Establish a Business Presence in Wisconsin

Setting up a U.S. virtual phone number in Wisconsin allows you to establish a business presence in Wisconsin without having a physical location. If your company has clients and prospective customers located in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or anywhere else in Wisconsin, our service will allow these clients to call you just as though they were making a local call as opposed to an international call. We can help your business grow faster. Furthermore, one of the benefits of having a regular U.S. call forwarding number in Wisconsin is that the number is accessible from virtually any country. offers one of the largest selections of local numbers worldwide. We offer virtual phone numbers in over 2500 cities across the United States.

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Five Monthly Plans from which to choose

Our flexible pricing and customized plans allow you to choose the option that best suits your monthly call volume needs. With a proven track record of success in serving clients that range from small businesses to international corporations, along with superior customer service, you can trust us for your global expansion. You can select from five different rate plans, each of which is designed to accommodate the usage level that is the best match for your business or organization.
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U.S. Toll Free numbers available as well

In addition to offering virtual phone numbers across the U.S., we can also forward or divert your calls via a U.S. toll free number. It simply depends on whether you prefer to establish your business presence with a local phone number with a Wisconsin area code or, on the other hand, with a U.S. toll free number. The choice is yours.

Popular Features

  • RollOver Option - accumulate unused plan minutes for future use
  • Choose your own Toll Free or Local number from a list
  • Voice Mail Option - voice messages sent to your email address
  • Time of Day Routing - redirect calls based on time of day to different numbers
  • Simultaneous Call Processing - accepts multiple calls with no busy signals
  • Customized Greeting - record a custom greeting free of charge
  • Fax Forwarding - faxes automatically emailed to you as an image file
  • Local Ring Tones - control the ring tone your callers will hear with 40 choices
  • Caller ID - Know what phone number is calling.
  • No fees for busy or incomplete calls
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What does the caller pay?

Your caller in the U.S. is responsible for local charges assessed by their local telecom provider for dialing your Wisconsin virtual phone number. The good news is that most U.S. customers have unlimited calling plans with their mobile and/or fixed land line providers. Calling your Wisconsin number, whether or not it is actually “local” to their U.S. telephone number, will likely incur minimal - if any - cost to the vast majority of U.S. callers.

If your caller is calling from outside the U.S., he/she will incur whatever charges their long distance provider assesses for making an international call to the U.S.

If you opt for getting a U.S. toll free number, the caller pays nothing since this call is toll free from anywhere in the U.S.

What does the account holder pay?

As the account holder, you pay the rate of forwarding the call from your U.S. virtual phone number in Wisconsin to your "ring to" telephone number wherever in the world that you may be located. Your rate depends on the plan (i.e., Basic, Value, Power, Premium or Enterprise) that you select (see below). Your "ring to" number may be a fixed land line or a mobile phone, and you may change it to another number anywhere else in the world via online account management.
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Can I make Outbound calls that will display the Caller ID of my Wisconsin virtual number?

Yes!  We offer the perfect solution for businesses, call centers, and sales teams. You may make and receive international calls from a computer using our new Web Dialer or from an Android device using our Dialer app (iOS is coming soon). Display your Caller ID from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or elsewhere in Wisconsin. The Web Dialer and Android app are included with our outbound calling service.

Outbound Calling Features

  • Two-way voice calls from any of your virtual or toll free phone numbers
  • Set a Dynamic Caller ID to display for outbound calls
  • Make assisted call transfers to other active users in your network
  • FREE in-network calls between users
  • Fully integrated Contacts and Call History Features

For more information on Outbound calling, click here.

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Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. You can depend on individual attention from highly trained and qualified professionals.

Virtual numbers available in 160+ countries around the globe

In addition to call forwarding from Wisconsin we can also forward or divert your calls via virtual numbers and toll free numbers in over 160 countries across the globe. If you require an international call forwarding solution from other countries, we can help.

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Major Companies in Wisconsin
  Symbol Name Sector Industry
  JCI Johnson Controls, Inc. Consumer Durables Industrial Specialties
  FISV Fiserv, Inc. Technology EDP Services
  ROK Rockwell Automation, Inc. Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
  KSS Kohl's Corporation Consumer Services Department/Specialty Retail Stores
  HOG Harley-Davidson, Inc. Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
  WEC Wisconsin Energy Corporation Public Utilities Power Generation
  SNA Snap-On Incorporated Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
  LNT Alliant Energy Corporation Public Utilities Power Generation
  MAN ManpowerGroup Technology Professional Services
  TEG Integrys Energy Group Public Utilities Power Generation
  AOS Smith (A.O.) Corporation Consumer Durables Consumer Electronics/Appliances
  BMS Bemis Company, Inc. Consumer Durables Containers/Packaging
  OSK Oshkosh Corporation Capital Goods Auto Manufacturing
  JOY Joy Global Inc. Energy Industrial Machinery/Components
  MTG MGIC Investment Corporation Finance Property-Casualty Insurers
  YELP Yelp Inc. Consumer Services Other Consumer Services
  RBC Regal Beloit Corporation Consumer Durables Metal Fabrications
  APAM Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc. Finance Investment Managers
  SXT Sensient Technologies Corporation Basic Industries Major Chemicals
  ASB Associated Banc-Corp Finance Major Banks
  GNRC Generac Holdlings Inc. Consumer Durables Metal Fabrications
  MTW Manitowoc Company, Inc. (The) Capital Goods Construction/Ag Equipment/Trucks
  PLXS Plexus Corp. Technology Electrical Products
  ATU Actuant Corporation Technology Industrial Machinery/Components
  MGEE MGE Energy Inc. Energy Electric Utilities: Central
  BRC Brady Corporation Consumer Durables Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
  RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc Transportation Oil Refining/Marketing
  LE Land's End, Inc. Consumer Services Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores
  BMI Badger Meter, Inc. Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
  BGG Briggs & Stratton Corporation Energy Industrial Machinery/Components
  MRTN Marten Transport, Ltd. Transportation Trucking Freight/Courier Services
  QUAD Quad Graphics, Inc Miscellaneous Publishing
  MOD Modine Manufacturing Company Capital Goods Auto Parts
  MCS Marcus Corporation (The) Consumer Services Movies/Entertainment
  WPP Wausau Paper Corp. Basic Industries Paper
  PLOW Douglas Dynamics, Inc. Capital Goods Construction/Ag Equipment/Trucks
  NPK National Presto Industries, Inc. Capital Goods Ordnance And Accessories
  MRGE Merge Healthcare Incorporated. Technology EDP Services
  WSBF Waterstone Financial, Inc. Finance Savings Institutions
  ABCW Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc. Finance Banks
  BKMU Bank Mutual Corporation Finance Savings Institutions
  WEYS Weyco Group, Inc. Consumer Non-Durables Apparel
  JOUT Johnson Outdoors Inc. Consumer Non-Durables Recreational Products/Toys
  STRT Strattec Security Corporation Capital Goods Auto Parts
  RNDY Roundy's, Inc. Consumer Services Food Chains
  CNXR Connecture, Inc. Technology Computer Software
  TWIN Twin Disc, Incorporated Technology Industrial Machinery/Components
  FBIZ First Business Financial Services, Inc. Finance Major Banks
  MAG Magnetek, Inc. Capital Goods Industrial Machinery/Components
  BYLK Baylake Corp Finance Major Banks
  OESX Orion Energy Systems, Inc. Consumer Durables Building Products
  WBB Westbury Bancorp, Inc. Finance Major Banks
  CZWI Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc. Finance Savings Institutions
  ARIS ARI Network Services, Inc. Technology Computer Software
  SOFO Sonic Foundry, Inc. Technology Radio &Television Broadcasting Equipment
  ZBB ZBB Energy Corporation Public Utilities Electric Utilities: Central
  SAJA Sajan, Inc. Miscellaneous Business Services
  CLRB Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. Health Care Major Pharmaceuticals
  KOSS Koss Corporation Consumer Non-Durables Consumer Electronics/Appliances
  CLRBW Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. Health Care Major Pharmaceuticals
  IEH Integrys Energy Group Public Utilities Power Generation
  JMG Journal Media Group, Inc. Consumer Services Newspapers/Magazines

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